Monday, 1 February 2010

The green fingerless glove-crochet

Mumsy crochet this great fingerless glove, (when I took the photo she was about to finish crocheting the other glove). With crochet and knitting the possibilities to come up with beautiful and imaginative creations are endless, so many ideas, so little time...

The fingerless glove-crochet

Here is one of the two fingerless gloves I recently crochet, very cosy, warm and practical. I always wear them when I blog away or I am busy crafting!

Into the afternoon-the leaves series

Red Begonias III

I have been experimenting...

I think I will stitch it on a knitted hat, I have never done anything like this before, quite 3D and fun; it appears huge on the photo, but the diameter measures about 8 cm. I think I might crochet other similar shapes and stitch them together, possibilities are endless!