Sunday, 26 September 2010

Hiding behind the magenta petals

I know, has been a while, I have been away quite often this Summer, I also needed some time away from the computer. I am busy these days getting ready for when we relocate to glorious Derbyshire later in the Autumn. On top of everything else I had to call urgently the computer guy to rescue all my data and install a new system. A fortnight without Internet access was not easy, and an hour at the local library every day to check emails was not good enough. Anyway, all is well now, and I hope that you all had a Fabulous, happy and creative Summer!
I intend to post as many photos as possible from my Summer journey! Be prepared: there will be a lot of pink, magenta, blue sky and possibly some sheep!
I wish you all a great week, and as ever, many thanks for taking the time to stop by! Paola

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