Wednesday, 3 October 2007

I have just finished stitching my Lady Octopus, I felt that I needed to do some hand-on work, I seem to re-focus quickly on what I need to do next when I do crafty things! This is a close-up shot of my Lady Octopus Bag, I so enjoy adding embellishments by stitching away! I always have to check that I don't overdo it!
I think it is a "gene" thing as my Mum, Giulia, is a fantastic dressmaker, and I am sure that I have taken after her the love for stitching, making lovely and well made items, and fabrics! Gosh, I have so many gorgeous fabrics, I know what I want to do with them, it is simply a problem of finding the time,...but let's not go there!

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David said...

Oh my G_d! You are so talented!!!