Tuesday, 2 October 2007


Oh My Goodness! I have just received an email from the organisers of the UT Grand Prix 08, my T-shirt design has been selected out of 13,206 entries, along with other 99 entries. There will be a second round of selection and Uniqlo, and in total there will be 200 semi finalist.

"From the 13,206 designs that were submitted from around the world, 1,000 will be shortlisted by the UT Selection Committee." (quote from the Uniqlo website).

As it often happens in my life, I managed to apply on line only a couple of days before the deadline, and I can't even remember how on earth I found out about this competition, to me the Internet is like a fantastic Pandora box, an endless chain of useful links, my bookmarks files are about to explode!...but I digress, as I often do!
Here is my entry, the title of the photograph is "Home The Long Way". Will you vote for me, please?! Many thanks.


Elena said...

Congratulations and best wishes. I hope you will win!



David said...

I'll vote for you!!! (as soon as I work out how)