Tuesday, 2 October 2007

Why "MeanMagenta"?!...It is a long story...

This is my very first entry, I am quite excited, I have never kept a diary, always too busy drawing, painting and taking photographs. Still, it is bizarre, being a design historian by training and almost obsessed with collecting data and preserving other people's memories, it seems that I can't find the time to keep a record about me.

I am a visual person, I love reading, but I don't think I am very good with words, I guess that I will use this blog mainly to share my photographs, artwork and hopefully exciting news about my creative business, MeanMagenta.

I am posting the image that made it to the final of the photo competition organised by Picture.com-The International Library of Photography based in Maryland, USA. I will know if I have won the top prize later in the Autumn,...I am trying not to think about it.


David said...

of course you will win!


Bless! You are a true friend!